Juazeiro do Norte, September 16, 2021

       Baptists have collaborated in Education Juazeiro since the year 1945, with the creation of the Missionary Baptist Primary School Edward McLaim. The Elementary School Gymnasium resulted in Batista Cariri, an institution that has contributed greatly over the years, for cultural growth of the region and to maintain moral principles grounded in biblical doctrine.

       The Baptist College of Cariri complete in 2011, 47 years old with a beautiful story and many reasons to celebrate. During these long years this school has stood out in the educational setting Juazeirense demonstrating efficiency, quality and dedication in teaching, while remaining faithful to the goal of educating generations. Respect gained over four decades is due to the training policy of Baptists, which seeks to shape their students, not only in education, but also form a citizen who holds Christian values. The history of the Baptist College of Cariri merges directly with the history of the 1st Baptist Church of Regular Juazeiro, its sponsor.

       For all that the College Baptist Cariri became a benchmark in education not only Juazeiro but also throughout the region Cariri. This school has a quality education as all other schools have, however, a large gap exists because it is a college confessional evangelical. Many parents choose to breed the Baptist as their children, knowing that, from kindergarten through high school, everyone will have constant contact with the Word of God.

       Feeling the great need of the region, the pioneers decided to start a primary school with the goal of educating children and teach them biblical principles. Teachers were the missionaries themselves, who also custeavam all expenses of the students.

       The school actually began on February 25, 1946, with some girls directed by Mrs. Brooks. One goal was to alphabetize the children of believers and help them join the Bible Institute. With the arrival of some boys had to find a place to host them. So the missionaries opened their homes to accommodate those students. The boys went to live at the residence of Miss. Jim Willson (Street Cruise, 238) and the girls were living in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth (Rua São José, 823). Since starting its activities, the school operated continuously, albeit with a very large number of non-students.

       In the initial phase the Primary School, served as a boarding school. Received students from across the region and elsewhere, providing education, food and housing. In addition the students received full health care and often even the money from tickets to return to their homes during the holiday period.
That's how many children received free education at the time and quality, through which many have assumed prominent positions in various sectors of society caririense as well as in other parts of Brazil and the world.

       In the year 1964, continuing this educational work, the Gym was founded Baptist Cariri having as its first director Missionary Charles Albert Johnson. Its creation was the result of the vision of a group of people of which stood out: Jim Willson, Thomas Willson, Albert Johnson, José Pereira da Silva, José Orlando de Oliveira, Jaime Augusto Lima and David Lima Gino.

       In the second half of the '60s, Mr. José Orlando de Oliveira, a former student of the high school and the theological, was invited to take over the Gym now called Baptist Cariri replacing Mr. José Pereira da Silva. Until that point the school was run by American missionaries who also subsidizing. Personnel expenses and supplies were taken by missionaries who were in Cariri season. Through a screenplay spending, with each contributing part of their regular salaries. The invitation to Prof. José Orlando to direct the Gymnasium was a decisive step for the advancement of educational work. It also meant a clear demonstration that foreign missionaries wanted to nationalize the work they started.

       After more than thirty years at the helm of this institution, which left us a great legacy, Prof.. Joseph Orlando was replaced in 2003 by Prof.. Joseph Cavalcante. In 2004, the Baptist College was under the administration of D. Lacimir Monteiro having with Deputy Director Pastor Valney Veras. In the second half of 2004 the College was taken over by its Governing Council headed by President Francisco C. Fabiano de Oliveira, with prof. Helio Nogueira coordinating the pedagogical department.

       Currently, the College Baptist Cariri is administered by Pastor Francis Fabiano, working with kindergarten, the elementary and high school with excellent facilities and an infrastructure able to serve over 1,000 students. We also have a governing body and quality teacher to serve our customers well.
The Baptist College of Cariri sought throughout its history, have a comprehensive training to its students. Such a view is maintained and defended by its current management, which seeks to lead the school within parameters consistent with ethical and moral foundations of the Gospel.

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